What is project-positive?

Project-positive was originally an idea to combat cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is any form of verbal, emotional or mental abuse that occurs online or through a mobile phone.

Social media sites,online gaming and other forms of online communication can be great fun and extremely useful tools, but can often have bad apples that can ruin the fun.This can lead to people retaliating against the bully which actually just causes more bullying. Project positive was created to fight cyberbullying in a different and much better way. By being positive, and therefore creating an aura of positivity.

If the internet was more positive that would mean we as well as future generations can use the power of the internet to learn, play, meet , create, and make use of the amazing things about the internet without having to worry too much about the “darkside”.



We all see cyberbullying. Sometimes you can help, but in an indirect yet more effective way. Why don't you speak out to make a change? Instead of being a helpless bystander, why don't you be a hero? If you want to be part of this change just try out our compliment machine to find a send a compliment to a friend (or stranger) or alternatively submit one so you can see your very own compliment appear on the site!

3 Handy Tips


Ignore them

Report them

Be an active bystander

Ready to do something?

Make a change.